Expandable desk

Woontheater - uitschuifbaar bureau uniek oud stuk hout authentiek origineel antiek brocante Antwerpen Kloosterstraat Blaasveld België
  • Dimensions of the expandable desk: 93 cm (width) x 61 cm (depth) x 80 cm (height).
  • Material: wood
  • Available for viewing in our showroom in Antwerp.

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This unique desk not only provides a smart solution for practical storage space, but also the convenience of direct access to your belongings without needing to remove anything from the surface. With a unique design that allows the desk to slide forward, it reveals a hidden compartment, making it effortless to access your essentials.

Crafted from high-quality wood, this compact desk exudes craftsmanship and authenticity, reminiscent of furniture from the past. Whether you’re seeking a functional workspace for home or a clever storage solution for a cozy space, our vintage desk fits perfectly in any setting.

Enhance your interior with this versatile piece of furniture and experience the convenience of smart storage combined with timeless design. Discover the desk that is not only practical, but also a unique and authentic addition to your home.

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