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Made to measure


Nothing would delight us more than to work alongside you to give shape to your project and thus ensure that it meets your requirements. We inspire, accompany and create so that you feel at home and so that your interior is coherent and harmonious.

Open bar conceals kitchen splendor

WoonTheater molds the client's vision into reality: creating a kitchen that exudes the atmosphere of an open cocktail bar. In this space, functionality and refinement harmoniously converge, with cleverly concealed kitchen appliances for a sleek and seamless design. The end result is an enchanting kitchen that offers an exhilarating and mysterious cocktail bar experience.

Originality and individuality surrounded by noble materials

Receptive as ever, WoonTheater accommodates its custom work in spaces where originality and individuality are enhanced by a union of noble materials. A quirky facet of distinctive art and bold versatility, where you are absorbed, as it were, into the atmosphere of the home and its experience.


A spacious kitchen that pays homage to the timeless allure and versatility of the typical ​old oak​. The drawn wood modestly creates a coherence of materials. Thus, the unification of our bespoke design and an in-the-past beautifully constructed building now forms the home for this young, loving family. Delight in a space of rustic simplicity.

Authentic pieces flourish in a timeless interior

Where weathered treasures put their ancient souls on display in a remarkably building structure, there WoonTheater fully exploits their slogan 'Just that little bit different'. With an eye for harmony, practical customization is given form and structure, which allows the authentic pieces to flourish in a timeless interior with a distinct character. Where we break with tradition, we reveal a familiar and homely feeling in these custom-made spaces.

Custom kitchen with subtle, organic shapes

A design with subtly organic shapes houses storage spaces at varying depths and creates a streamlined design in this kitchen. This layout is fleshed out with the rugged look of charred planks combined with weathered brass, and a light-rich stucco technique that flows from the cabinets to the walls. The exquisite synergy between materials and design result in an an innovative togetherness.

Exclusive materials in a highly personalized design

Together with this enterprising and enthusiastic couple, we searched for the right balance between unique and practical customization, with a nod to the industrial. Here, the thoughtful detailing forms the identity of the kitchen. A design where the playful meeting of stainless steel with a patina and the old rough wooden planks create a lively and characterful end result.

Wonderful living in southern spheres

This characterful house was the ideal basis for working inside with contrasting materials, such as the white stuc and rustic oak wood, which form the basis of the Ibiza style. A fresh look that is carried through into the kitchen, office space and bathroom creates an extraordinarily spacious and homely feeling, set in a rural green entourage. Already by entering this house, you experience an oasis of calm, a true vacation feeling.

Two extremes, together form a breathtaking result

The kitchen wish of the owners of this loft was to respect the open plan of the house, to create great spaciousness. The island was interpreted as a delineated volume through the uniformity of the material, making it feel airy in the space. The combination of stainless steel and old oak create an atypical interplay of textures. An ideal mix of materials that reinforce each other to obtain a unique result.

Atypical customization based in an English cottage style

The residents of this charming home in the middle of a vibrant flower garden asked us to design their dream kitchen. Soon, our shared love of purity and authenticity surfaced. Together, we looked for unique pieces and materials that would engage with each other and create an intimate, warm atmosphere.

Thoughtful minimalism in a rural atmosphere

Look inside this contemporary family home, where simple lines are reinforced by solid oak. In addition to a minimalist interpretation, we focused on spaciousness that translates into uninterrupted surfaces and a unity of materials. The house with its rustic rural architecture, shaped by wooden roof trusses, is reminiscent of a contemporary farmhouse and thus blends seamlessly into the landscape of wide meadows.

Fundamentally rough designed spaces

As soon as the door to the living space opens, the warm wooden structure stands out, contrasting with the concrete structure. We create a rhythm of repeating old oak in the two elementary spaces, the kitchen and the bathroom. Natural metal enhances the overall picture into a raw and characterful interior.

Solid kitchen with original details

This large open space, gave us the opportunity to create a comprehensive kitchen with surprising elements; from installing a sliding door system based on old barn doors, to integrating an authentic bakery tablet. In short, realizing a kitchen full of charisma; that is the very best thing we love to do here at WoonTheater.

Light and full of character

Special hinges, raised drawer fronts and the drawn wood bring an innovative look to this bright, yet warm and characterful kitchen. The choice of materials brings a subtle twist to this rural, classic home.

A shared passion for pure living

A dream home, where the client was able to work with WoonTheater to develop their love of serenity and individuality down to the smallest details. This interior combines pure lines with natural materials, such as solid old oak for the kitchen cabinets, blue Belgian stone as a worktop and raw metal as unique but practical elements in this living kitchen. An end result with an unprecedented look, an environment where the client feels at home.

Contemporary country kitchen

Wood with a story, as the basis of this country yet contemporary kitchen, fills the light-filled space with warmth and life. The spacious worktop invites pleasant and practical cooking, in a stylishly solid environment.

Well-considered design unfolds into practical kitchen

During the design process, we engage in thoughtful puzzling to simulate the most appropriate kitchen arrangement. Based on the customer's needs, a unique design gradually develops that is colored with appropriate natural materials. Here, functional cabinets and optimal space utilization create the ultimate comfort and workflow.

Craftsmanship down to the smallest detail

Constructively strong details are formed by the interplay of underpinned knowledge, accumulated over the years, and our passion for raw materials. A place where the essence of 'slow-living' and weathered materials is embraced by thoughtful design.

Consciously atypical custom work

Our showroom in Antwerp, a former warehouse, reminds us of the atmosphere and dynamics of the past. For us, it's an extraordinary opportunity to present part of WoonTheater here again and again. With an ode to the authenticity of this building, we are very happy to show off our custom-made furniture to unusual heights. Relive living and cooking in a custom-made kitchen, with numerous carefully composed materials and unexpected gadgets.

Old barn resurrects as family home

Old versus new. The kitchen is a mix of old, reclaimed oak and new, dark-colored wood. We looked for a balanced mix of old and new. The kitchen has become the main living space of this house. The natural materials used can take a beating, in this house can really be lived in.

Photography: Denise Keuse - Stijlvol Wonen ©Sanoma Regional Belgium N.V.

Timeless interior design in a newly built house

Timeless Mediterranean-inspired total design with a unique and personal touch. A special interior realized with respect, love and passion for natural materials and high quality collections that only become more beautiful with time.

Styling and photography: David Dumon

loft optiek antwerpen
A unique selection without compromising on quality.

Loft, a unique optics store, and WoonTheater have the same shared passions: originality and identity, without compromising on quality. A few authentic interior pieces form the basis of a balanced design between old and new. It is precisely what the Loft eyewear collection stands for that we have translated into the interior together; 'distinctive on the one hand, but above all still unknown to the general public'.

Unexpected cocktails in a timeless yet unusual interior

Nestled at the foot of the Cathedral of Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe in Antwerp, Cocktails at Nine offers delicious cocktails served by creative bartenders. In this historical setting, WoonTheater brings a warm interior experience with a subtle touch of originality, stimulating all the senses of the customers.

Stay in rural industrial style

Biendomo (Esperanto for Farm) is located in the nicely renovated and classified “Kneukelputhoeve”, nearby the center of Reet. Comfort is key in this peaceful rural environment. The farmhouse was given a make-over in collaboration with architect Bart de Jong. Resulting in an inspiring, practical and spacious kitchen and homely breakfast- sitting area in the former stables. Biendomo therefore truly stands out above the crowd and is the place to be for a quiet and relaxing time in the countryside.

Unique setting in a former post office

With the necessary thoughtfulness, WoonTheater provided the appropriate decor for the name and origin of this brasserie. A custom interior with a mix of unique interior pieces for Posterijen in Sint-Truiden. Delicious food in the unique setting of a former post office.

La Nicchia

The Italian workshop atelier La Nicchia in Asse, Belgium, was a true challenge for our team. Designing a contemporary and practical kitchen with authentic solid wood and 8 seats in a 30m2 space. The result speaks for itself.